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Here at Christ Worship Center Church we’re all about LOVING PEOPLE GOD’S WAY. We believe that God’s love can redeem any life, restore any heart, and revive any relationship for His glory, and we hope through CWCC you’ll experience this love.

Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Ricky and Brenda Harrell

Pastor Ricky L. Harrell is the Senior Pastor of Christ Worship Center Church in Hope Mills, NC. He is a leader, spiritual father and mentor who has a heart to see hurting people reach their God designed potential.

Brenda Harrell is the Co-Pastor of Christ Worship Center Church in Hope Mills, NC. She is also Co-Founder of New Destiny, Inc., an outreach ministry of the church. Co-Pastor Harrell is a native of Pine Tops, NC. Co-Pastor Harrell is a graduate of St. Augustine’s College in Raleigh, NC, where she received a B.A. in Psychology.

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Why We're Here

At CWCC we believe the world needs the love of God. We strive to express his love in everything we do. The church is a hospital for hurting people, so we exist to reach the lost with the healing, forgiving, and saving love of Jesus Christ!

What To Expect

Christ Worship Center Church is a breath of fresh air breaking out from the traditional church feel. Our service is dynamic and uplifting from beginning to end. The Worship is contemporary, the Word is living and active, and the experience is one you will surely remember. Be our guest! We’d love to have you!

What We Believe

“We at Christ Worship Center Church exist to WORSHIP GOD, EDIFY BELIEVERS, and EVANGELIZE THE WORLD”


The Bible is the word of God. This map of life was man written, but God Breathed. Because this book was God influenced, we believe it is the perfect truth to daily living principals.

Scriptures to support what we believe
Romans 15:4
Matthew 22:29
Psalms 119:11

The Trinity

God is God, but he exists in three persons yet still being ONE God. The father, the son, and the Holy Spirit make up the trinity. While they all have distinct functions, each member carries the power and authority of God, Because they all are God!

God – God our father is loving and faithful to his people, and he promises to take care and provide for us. His greatness is revealed through him being all-powerful and all knowing.

Jesus – Jesus is human, and also God. He is the redemption plan for humanity. He surrendered his God position in heaven, and came to earth to die a death that we humans deserved. In doing this he permanently defeated death making eternal life possible for humankind, and restored back the harmony between God and his people.

The Holy Spirit – When Jesus returned to heaven, the spirit came. The spirit plays a key role in the lives of believers. The spirit assures us of our Christ Connection. He convicts our hearts to be more like Christ, and comforts us by shining God’s Love inside of us.

Scriptures to support what we believe
Matthew 28:19
Romans 3:3-4
1 Timothy 2:5-6; 3:16
1 John 3:16
Acts 1:8; 2:1-4

We The Church

We the church exists to glorify God. We are a community of BAPTIZED believers, who believe that SALVATION through Jesus Christ is the only path to eternal life with God. While we believe salvation is freely given to all humans, each man must believe in their hearts and confess with their mouths that JESUS is lord to receive the gift of salvation.

Scriptures to support what we believe
John 3:16
Matthew 1:21
Ephesians 2:8-10
Acts 2:41-47
Colossians 1:18
Romans 10:9-10

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