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Experience Church Online

Talk To People

Never do church alone! Here you can get a powerful message, awesome worship, and also GREAT COMMUNITY. Be sure to join the chat and experience church online with fellow members, it will be available during every live experience.

Follow Along & Take Notes

We have everything you need! You can access a bible and take notes all within the online experience. No need to fret over having your own bible or notes, because we've got that covered. At the end of the worship experience you can email your notes to yourself.


Giving is made easy with our Online Giving options. at any time during the online experience you can click the give link and sow your seed. Don't worry the service won't be interupted at all.

24/7 Access

No matter how early or late, you can watch what you've missed right in the online experience. We have a full archive avaialbe for you to access at any time.

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